Spanish partner highlights trust in Huawei

Added On May 26, 2019

 The marketing director of a Spanish technology company says Huawei products have proven to be trustworthy and reliable since the Chinese technology company started operating in the European country 18 years ago.

Economy Report has the story.
Aryan is a Spanish technology company that works on data centers, connectivity and security in network services.
Huawei has supplied equipment to the company for the last three and a half years.
Aryan's marketing director, Ivan Paz, says partnering with Huawei has helped the company improve the quality of its products.
SOUNDBITE(SPANISH): IVAN PAZ, Marketing Director of Aryan
"Huawei has given a lot of technology both to the company and our customers. In recent years it has grown a lot and we hope to continue like this in the coming years."
Paz also stressed that Aryan has not had" any problem or any doubt" about working with Huawei.
SOUNDBITE(SPANISH): IVAN PAZ, Marketing Director of Aryan
"Aryan is one of the great technology wholesalers in Spain and we feel very confident. We feel part of the Huawei family".
He added that being a Huawei partner has meant a leap forward in terms of visibility in Spain because customers recognize Aryan supplies the best market solutions at a very competitive price.