Italian senator US protectionism does no good

Added On June 10, 2019

 Top Italian senator Vito Rosario Petrocelli has said the U.S. current stance in favor of protectionism and unilateralism would do no good to Italy, nor to international relations.

Economy Report has the details.
Petrocelli is the president of the Foreign Affairs Committee of Italian Senate.
He said Italy had a strongly export-oriented economy, while the conditions pursued by the U.S. administration on global trade were tailored on the base of the "America first" campaign with which President Donald Trump won elections.
SOUNDBITE (Italian) VITO ROSARIO PETROCELLI, Italian Senate Foreign Affairs Committee
"I believe the Italian position on protectionism is much closer to that of China than that of the United States at this moment.The interest of Italy is to keep markets open and maintain multilateralism at political and economic levels."
Petrocelli said U.S. policies should be assessed, or even judged, since "the principle of no interference in one country's domestic affairs must be valid for the United States as well." 
At the next Group of 20 summit in Osaka, Japan, scheduled for June 28-29, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte is expected to lobby the United States on the issue.
SOUNDBITE (Italian) VITO ROSARIO PETROCELLI, Italian Senate Foreign Affairs Committee
"Multilateralism is a concept and practice we need to support at any cost, even at the risk of cracking our relations with the United States."
Petrocelli said "a possible common action" could be undertaken among those EU countries that have already signed some sort of agreement with China on the Belt and Road Initiative.