Added On June 12, 2019

 In response to U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's recent remarks on Chinese enterprises, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson said Pompeo's comments were full of lies and fallacies, and went on to say that this level of slandering will only end up damaging worldwide credibility of the U.S..

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Spokesperson Geng Shuang made the remarks in wake of a recent interview between Pompeo and Swiss media, which discussed Chinese enterprises and information security.
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE): GENG SHUANG, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson 
"Pompeo has for some time constantly referred to China wherever he went, but his remarks were full of lies and fallacies. The U.S. side failed to produce convincing evidence for its allegations about "security risks" of Huawei and other Chinese enterprises. As we have stated many times, it is both unethical and disgraceful for the U.S. to suppress Huawei, a Chinese private firm, by resorting to state power and state apparatus on trumped-up charges."
Geng added that Chinese firms have performed well in spite of the U.S. suppression.
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE): GENG SHUANG, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson 
"I'd like to remind Pompeo that his rhetoric doesn't seem to sell well. As I learned from Huawei's website, as of June 6, Huawei had concluded 46 commercial contracts on 5G cooperation with 30 countries, including a few allies and European countries the U.S. had 'strenuously' attempted to dissuade from such cooperation."
The spokesperson said more and more people are showing an objective and unbiased stance on Chinese tech firms' participation in their countries' 5G construction, and an increasing number of countries are independently making choices in line with their own interests. 
While discussing Pompeo, Geng said "rumormongering, slandering and stirring up trouble everywhere will only end up damaging his own image and reputation, as well as undermining U.S. credibility in the world,".