Chinese smartphones welcomed in Gaza

Added On June 12, 2019

 In Gaza, Chinese smartphones and tablets are gaining popularity, while being praised for their high quality and competitive prices. 

Economy Report has the story. 
In Gaza, the demand for Chinese smartphones, such as Huawei and Xiaomi, is still on the rise, despite the U.S. government's restrictions on the sale and transfer of the U.S. technologies to Huawei last month. 
Jamal Abu Kumil, who owns a smartphone store here, said that the demand for Chinese mobile phones is well beyond other countries' brands in the Gaza market, due to their reasonable prices and high quality. 
SOUNDBITE: JAMAL ABU KAMIL, Owner of smartphone store
"Xiaomi and Huawei are competitive companies. Compared to Samsung and Apple phones, Chinese devices have high quality and lower prices." 
Maisara al-Qishawi considered Chinese products the best chioces for clients. 
"I bought Chinese devices in past two years. The first mobile I owned was Huawei, and I used it for three years. It has high performance so I prefer Chinese companies."