Chinese-american completes around-the-globe flight

Added On June 12, 2019

After flying for 68 days and making 50 stops, a 57-year-old Chinese-American has completed his second around-the-world flight after landing in Chicago.

Lifestyles has the story.
Zhang Bo, an acclaimed aviator, kicked off his second around-the-globe flight in Chicago on April 2.
In 68 days, he flied through 21 countries in three continents and over three oceans, with the total mileage reaching over 41,000 kilometers.
During the whole trip, Zhang was battling with various problems such as fuel supply, mechanical failure, and emergency maintenance and repair almost every day.
But he has managed to overcome all the difficulties, be they big or small, and return safely.
"Today is June the 9th, and the whole flight took 68 days. In these 68 days, I flew over three oceans and three continents, over 21 countries, landed 50 times. The whole distance, according to my calculation this morning, is more than 41,000 kilometers."
Zhang made history in 2016 when he performed his first flight around the world in a propeller-driven aircraft.
He flew past 23 countries in 49 days and landed safely in Beijing.