Chinese opera on legendary monk staged in LA

Added On June 12, 2019

 "Voyage to the East: A Fearless Buddhist Master's Mission to Japan", an original Chinese contemporary opera has thrilled audiences in Pasadena, Los Angeles over the weekend.

Based on true history, "Voyage To The East - A Fearless Buddhist Master's Mission To Japan" told the story of monk Jianzhen, who started sailing to Japan in 742 A.D., but only succeeded in 754 A.D. after five failed attempts.
Apart from spreading Buddhism, he also introduced Chinese art, medicine and craftsmanship to Japan, thus becoming a highly respected figure in both nations.
Famous Chinese-American opera singer Tian Haojiang plays Jianzhen in the opera.
"I really, really enjoyed it, I think this is really the highlight of my opera career, absolutely." 
Produced by China's Jiangsu Performing Arts Group, the opera's score is a fusion of modern opera with the original sound of the Japanese koto, the zither, the Chinese guzheng, temple blocks and Buddhist chants.
"Very beautiful, I love it. It’s a very heart-reaching and warming opera, and I love it very much." 
"The story moves me before I read the words. I can see the spirit. I love the set design, it’s minimal, but it conveys the torment of the scene, and without speaking Chinese or before read the words I can feel it, and it is really nice."
After its Los Angeles run, the show will also travel to perform on June 22 and 23 in New York City at the David H. Koch Theater in the celebrated Lincoln Center.