3rd China-Arab libraries meeting held in Kuwait

Added On June 13, 2019

The third China-Arab states libraries and information experts meeting has been held at the National Library of Kuwait in Kuwait City.
Director-general of the National Library of Kuwait said on Tuesday that the one-day meeting will be held within the framework of the executive program of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum (CASCF) to discuss effective achievements.
SOUNDBITE(Arabic): KAMELAL ABDUL JALIL, Director-General of National Library of Kuwait
"(Chinese culture) is an important factor in strengthening the political, economic and social relations between the two countries and peoples, and thus maximizing the benefits of the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative and providing excellent qualities and guarantees."
Consulting Director of Bureau of International Exchanges and Cooperation of China's Ministry of Culture and Tourism Yu Jian said that the Chinese side hopes that all participants will have an in-depth discussion to reach practical cooperation.
SOUNDBITE(Chinese): YU JIAN, Chinese Official
"China hopes to have open and candid conversation with all sides, conduct in-depth exchange and discussion to achieve cooperation and promote cooperation between Chinese and Arab libraries and in the field of information and make contribution to deepening mutual understanding of civilizations."
Director of the Arab League (AL) Information and Documentation Department of the General Secretariat Hala Gad noted that Arab and Chinese partners agreed on the need to deepen cooperation between Chinese and Arab libraries.
SOUNDBITE(Arabic): HALA GAD, Director of AL Information and Documentation Department of General Secretariat
"There is an Arabic saying that those who plant will harvest. This echoes with the Chinese saying that as one sows, so shall he reap. We have sowed and now we harvest.?We have completed the Arabic-Chinese Digital Library, which is a cultural and morphological project that offers an important platform for promoting and strengthening the partnership between Arab and Chinese libraries."
In 2015, during the first meeting of Arab and Chinese libraries and information experts, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the AL General Secretariat and the National Library of China.