Flying ride-share trial set to take off in Australia

Added On June 14, 2019

 The futuristic Air Uber program, also joined by the U.S. cities of Los Angeles and Dallas, will test its first flights in 2020.

SOUNDBITE1(English): JODIE AUSTER, Uber Regional Manager Australia and New Zealand
"We're working with government and industry stakeholders to create the world’s first aerial ride-sharing network, to bring safe, quiet and electric vehicle[s] to transport tens of thousands of passengers across cities. Uber Air will bring ride-sharing to the skies making it possible to push a button and get a flight within minutes." 
Ride-sharing apps have now become an increasingly popular mode of transport for many Australians, with around four million people regularly using the technology. 
SOUNDBITE2(English): TIM PALLAS, Victoria State Treasurer and Minister for Economic Development 
"We see ourselves as one of the Asia Pacific hubs of IT and new technology, so we are very keen to see how we can partner with Uber and encourage the innovative and adaptive approach of our businesses." 
In addition to population size, climate conditions and economic viability, the severe problem of traffic delays in the city of Melbourne also makes it a viable test city for Uber Air.
SOUNDBITE3(English): JODIE AUSTER, Uber Regional Manager Australia and New Zealand
“Melbourne’s congestion levels are on par with New York. With Melbourne’s growing population and urban sprawl only intensifying, I know that that Uber Air will give precious time back to Melbournians. That means more time to spend with family and friends and less time commuting.” 
Uber Air has announced investment partnerships with leading Australian companies, and plans to commence commercial flying ride-share operations in 2023 if the Melbourne trial is a success.