Pakistani Experts: China's Rural Development Worth Learning

Added On June 15, 2019

As Pakistan is determined to alleviate poverty following China's footsteps, Pakistani experts believe that China's rural development can serve as a model to boost rural development in their country.
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In a recent interview with CNC, former Pakistan's Ambassador to the World Trade Organization said that China has achieved tremendous success in agriculture, and Pakistan can learn a lot from it. 
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH) MANSOOR AHMED, Former Pakistan's Ambassador to WTO
"China has not only achieved tremendous success in this area in its own country although having very little land cultivable. But China has done a lot of work in many African countries. So we can learn a lot from their experience."
Mansoor believes that rural development is of paramount importance for Pakistan, and his country should make use of Chinese assistance in this regard. 
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH) MANSOOR AHMED, Former Pakistan's Ambassador to WTO
"but in developing countries, most poverty is associated with the rural areas. And Pakistan is no exception. But if we make use of the technical assistance and Chinese financial assistance, we are able to improve our productivity and lower our wastage of agricultural products. And able to sell them in local market as well as international market. This will be a big game changer for Pakistan. 
Agriculture, we understand, is part of second phase of CPEC, industrial development as well as agriculture. So CPEC will be of great significance for Pakistan." 
A professor at COMSATS University Islamabad also said that both the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative and the CPEC can provide tremendous opportunities for Pakistan. 
And the assistance of Chinese tech companies have had a multiplier effect on the country's agricultural yield. 
"All we need is technology which can contribute to our agriculture products. We can see that if our agricultural production is getting better, more CPEC projects objectives can be completely accomplished."