Salvadoran cocoa producers eye Chinese market

Added On June 15, 2019

The El Salvador Cocoa industry is now looking to attract international buyers, especially those from China.
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Cocoa is one of El Salvador's most famous exports.
SOUNDBITE(SPANISH):EUFEMIA SEGURA,Engineer, National Center of Agricultural and Forestry Technology
"Our cocoa, in evaluations that were given at the Salon de Chocolate, has been characterized as among the 8 best in the world. It does not have a grade like first, second, or third, but it has the potential to be the world's best cocoa."
With the Salvadoran government's new support for producers, those in the industry see a bright future.
Jose Cruz is one of these producers.
His crops are completely organic and this gives an incalculable value to his final products.
"We can see that with the new opportunities that are opening up to El Salvador, to be able to export cocoa. Now I think that people are more excited to see that a new route is opening to be able to export and that goes to bringing more income into the country."
Producers trust that the quality of their products will put them above competitors, and that a dedication to producing superior goods is the way into the lucrative Chinese market.