Rare moments of Panda affection caught on Camera

Added On June 22, 2019

At a nature reserve in northwest China's Gansu Province, a moment of rare closeness between two wild giant pandas has been captured by an infrared camera. Let's take a look.
The video clip was recorded in April 2018 during the pandas mating season, but was only discovered by staff at Baishuijiang National Nature Reserve when they were organizing last year's camera data.
It showed that two pandas were touching each other's cheeks intimately.
Experts say that they were probably in a relationship.
In 2018, 700 infrared cameras were scattered across the reserve, taking more than 8,300 video clips and 15,800 pictures of wild animals, including pandas, takins and golden monkeys.
Baishuijiang Nature Reserve is home to the largest number of wild pandas in China.
Among the 132 wild pandas in Gansu province, 110 live in the reserve.