Aussie professor on upcoming G20 summit

Added On June 23, 2019

An Australian university professor has said the upcoming G20 summit in Japan's Osaka will provide a chance for countries to seek ways for common development.
Qian Meijun made the remarks in a recent interview with CNC.
SOUNDBITE (CHINESE): QIAN MEIJUN, Australian National University
"This year's summit is different from the previous ones because of the unusual international situations. "The most important issue" is the trade frictions between the United States and China. The frictions could send ripples to other countries."
Qian said that another issue at the G20 summit could be counter-terrorism.
SOUNDBITE3 (CHINESE): QIAN MEIJUN, Australian National University
"Terrorism exists in different parts of the world, which is not something people would like to see."
The professor has expressed hope that participating countries of the G20 summit could cooperate and act positively to reach some agreements, which she says would be beneficial to people across the world.