Indonesia to call for regional cohesiveness at ASEAN

Added On June 23, 2019

Indonesia will call for ASEAN member countries to improve cohesiveness in response to the escalating trade tension between China and United States. Take a look.
Indonesian President Joko Widodo delivered the message earlier this week during a ministerial meeting in his office.
Widodo noted ASEAN countries should be united in a bid to preserve the region's economic stability.
SOUNDBITE(Bahasa Indonesia):JOKO WIDODO, Indonesian President
"We must invite ASEAN countries to unite in anticipating U.S.-China trade tension to maintain economic stability in ASEAN. The need to unite ASEAN countries is extremely important."
The message will be delivered during the ASEAN Summit held in Thailand.
China and ASEAN have signed a free trade agreement which has apparently boosted the trade between the two sides in the past years.
China becomes ASEAN's largest market at present and ASEAN is China's third largest market in its global trade.