Population of Przewalski's horses rises in NW China

Added On June 23, 2019

21 foals of the rare Przewalski's horses have been born in the wild in northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region since this spring.
The 21 foals were born in the Kalamaili Nature Reserve, the main habitat of the wild horses in northern Xinjiang's Junggar Basin, bringing up its wild population in the autonomous region to 217.
The reserve is home to 90 captive and 104 semi-captive Przewalski's horses.
Data shows the number of Przewalski's horses in the wild in northwest China's Xinjiang and Gansu, its only two habitats in China, is over 500, accounting for about a quarter of the total population in the world.
The Przewalski's horse, named after its Russian discoverer, is an endangered species native to the desert grassland of Central Asia.
It is the only surviving wild horse on the planet.