Eithiopia hails Chinese experts for agriculture textbooks

Added On July 7, 2019

The Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture has hailed the contribution of Chinese experts to the production of international standard textbooks for agricultural technical and vocational education and training (ATVET) in the East African country.

The ministry on Thursday held an event that celebrated the writing wrap-up of the textbooks on different areas, including poultry production, animal health, and crop production.
Ethiopia's State Minister of Agriculture Sani Redi said the agricultural TVET College textbooks writing is a milestone event in Ethiopian history.
"Through our concerted efforts, six textbooks including implement poultry production activities, animal health, field crop production, bee keeping, water and soil conservation, and dairy production have been officially published."
The state minister commended China for its continued support to the transformation of the agriculture sector and the success of agricultural TVET program in the country in particular.
Liu Yu, Economic and Commercial Counselor at the Chinese Embassy in Ethiopia, said the governments of China and Ethiopia have attached great importance to their cooperation in agriculture, whereby they have achieved fruitful results.
"China-Ethiopia agricultural vocational education programs and today’s event is a good example. The agriculture educational personnel exchanges between China and Ethiopia dated back to 2000. The past 19 years have witnessed 465 Chinese teachers coming to Ethiopia, providing guidance and training to around 6,500 Ethiopian teachers and technicians, as well as 55,000 students, introducing over 230 advanced agricultural technologies."