Heart Failure Patients Celebrate New Life

Added On July 9, 2019

The two patients celebrated the so-called 100-day birthday in Tianjin on Friday after they received the implantation in March. 

One patient, Ms. Gao, is the first female in China to do so. 
"We're going to hear whether the sound of his blood pump is soft, whether there is noise, and whether there is any metal friction noise. Today is the 108th day after the patient's surgery. From the day we implanted the device, the voice has been very pleasant, soft and stable." 
The two patients all recovered well.
MR. LI, Patient
"I now take exercise 40 minutes every day. When I got sick, I had to stay in bed every day. I couldn't even talk. But now I can exercise normally."
The domestically developed ventricular assist device can keep the heart pumping as it weakens, and is considered a bridge to a heart transplant.