Added On July 9, 2019

The rally took place on Sunday in Saitama Prefecture.

Organizers have held the event every year for 30 years.
Yang Yu, minister-counselor of the Chinese embassy in Japan, said that the basis of friendly exchanges between China and Japan lies in the people. And history fully proves that the two countries benefit from peace and lose from confrontation.
Atsushi Koketsu, professor of Japan's Meiji University, said that while the upper house election is coming up, he would like to call on people to guard Japan's pacifist constitution, because it is not only Japan's pacifist constitution, but also the world's pacifist constitution.
Yuri Imamura, who had been studying in China, said the experience made her realize the importance of understanding the real history.
YURI IMAMURA, Participant
"When children grow up, they may have little chance to learn about real history other than textbooks. So it's very important to pass on from parent to children and to grandchildren. I want my children to live in peace."