China-UK Innovation Forum

Added On July 11, 2019

In his opening speech, Minister Ma Hui from the Chinese Embassy in Britain, said that after four decades of "Reform and Opening-up", China and the UK have enjoyed fruitful cooperation in science and technology, which continues to deepen.
He added that China-UK cooperation in research and innovation faces unprecedented opportunities and broad future prospects.
Vice Chairman of the Inter-Party China Group of the British Parliament said that cooperation between the two countries in research and innovation is of paramount importance and stressed that the China-proposed "Belt and Road Initiative" offers huge opportunities for the UK.
The initiative, he said, opens up win-win deals for both countries in the fields of commerce and scientific and technological innovation.
LORD TIMOTHY CLEMENT-JONES, Vice Chairman of the Inter-Party China Group
"So far, it's fantastic because we had the strategic agreement on science, innovation, and technology back in 2017, and we've carried that forward. We've got a commission on science, technology and innovation. We have a partnership fund. So we have a number of areas of cooperation already and on things like the Belt and Road Initiative, which were very enthusiastic about um, we want to take forward some of the initiatives under Belt and Road."
Discussions at the forum focused primarily on China-UK technology and innovation cooperation and transnational technology and innovation policy.