US Consumers Concerned Over US Hiked Tariffs

Added On July 11, 2019

ROBIN, US Consumer:
"Well, I would just wish that we would all get along. You know, I mean, every country around the world has something special to offer to other cultures and people, you know, if we just take the time till put down difference, if everybody would stop trying to control everybody with the power of money, then I believe this world would be a better place."
MARY, US Consumer:
"I think it helps maintain like give better understanding of different cultural, like perspectives, if we do it in a respectful manner. So as long as we do it, understanding the value of different consumer goods from different countries, then I think it would actually be very beneficial to people understanding that there are other perspectives and cultures and values outside of our own. So if you want to reconcile two countries, it all comes from understanding and respecting where the people are coming from and how they view everything else. So I'm sure there's a lot more to that. Like, there's economics and there's a you know, all of the political issues, but I think fundamentally it just comes down to how you treat people of different backgrounds."
KLARA, US Consumer: 
"I think it's good with an open market. So you can expand your businesses and take the good stuff from each other."