Chinese Carpenter Preserves China's Past

Added On July 11, 2019

Thermos bottle, farm tools, and a popcorn machine... 70-year-old carpenter Chen Hesheng built all of these miniature models by hand.

The old man is using his talent to preserve the history of China's former capital Nanjing.


"Every little piece comes from childhood memories. My memory of Nanjing. Every piece I make, I figure out each step by myself first. Sometimes it takes me several years to make something. I think it over and over until I've solved all of the problems. I just want to make sure that the models look exactly like the origin. When I make these things, I always think it's a cultural inheritance. What our forefathers handed down from generation to generation cannot be lost under my watch."

Over the past decade, Chen Hesheng has made around 170 miniature models of things he used to see during his childhood like agricultural equipment and common daily necessities, providing a unique look into a treasured past.