Scholars call on US, China to strengthen cooperation

Added On July 12, 2019

Stephen Roach, a senior fellow at Yale University's Jackson Institute of Global Affairs, said "This is not a time for confrontation. This is a time to move away from the confrontation that is practiced by our president in the so-called 'art of the deal' where one nation pushes hard and intimidates the other."
Roach believes that China's further opening-up, including a shorter negative list for foreign investment, will offer more opportunities for the United States and other countries.
Edwin Feulner, founder of U.S. think tank The Heritage Foundation, said "If we can get rid of some of these nagging, continuing problems, we will be able to help not only people of the two countries, but everybody in the whole world."
He said he was fundamentally optimistic about the two countries working together.
David Lampton, research scholar at Stanford University's Asia Pacific Research Center, said "I see great potential for the U.S.-China economic relationship as we have very compatible economies in many respects. While China needs agriculture, energy and technology, the United States also needs many of the things that China manufactured." 
Lampton stressed that investment from China creates jobs for American people and is very important in the global system.