Spanish NGO helps people with art therapy

Added On July 12, 2019

Noelia Entrena and Gemma Sabat are the founders of Helix Libera, a small organization that focuses on helping migrants and vulnerable populations.
Though originally from Spain, the two women are now in Mexico focusing on helping those most at risk.
NOELIA ENTRENA, Co-Founder of Helix Libera
"At a very young age, I dreamt about having an NGO and traveling around the world, because I love traveling. But then I asked myself, what am I traveling for? I felt bad and guilty for being able to go anywhere I want without doing any good to other people."
Entrena and Sabat's performances combine therapy and education in artistic forms, helping audiences to break down personal and cultural barriers.
GEMMA SABAT, Co-Founder of Helix Libera
"I always think there is more inside of me that can relate to the world. It begins here. I think that 'Helix Libera' began with this impulse and purpose of sharing."
The Spanish performance artists founded their NGO in Barcelona, and their healing journey has taken them to refugee centers across a number of countries in places like Spain, North Africa, and now, Mexico.
The organization is planning to make more stops in other parts of the world, where they hope they can cure people with the power of art.