Poll: Johnson on track to be the next British PM

Added On July 13, 2019

The latest poll has revealed that former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is now unstoppable in the two-man race to succeed Theresa May as prime minister.

The poll among Conservative party members conducted by the website ConservativeHome revealed the result on Thursday.
According to the poll, 71 percent said they had already voted, with 72 percent backing Johnson and 28 percent voting for the current foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt.
And even if the entire 28 percent of those who haven't voted yet all opt for Hunt, Johnson would still win by a landslide.But Johnson still has critics from within his own Conservative Party over his stance on Brexit.
He had pledged to bring Britain out of the European Union on time if he becomes prime minister, and he wants to keep the option of a no-deal Brexit open.
This leaves the option of "proroguing parliament" on the table, which means that if British lawmakers block a no-deal departure from the EU, he would close down the House of Commons to force through a no-deal Brexit.
But that option faces opposition even from his own Conservative Party, including former Attorney General, the Conservative MP Dominic Grieve, and former Prime Minister Sir John Major, over concerns about eroding parliamentary democracy.