Pop-up museum for Mickey Mouse's 90th birthday

Added On July 14, 2019

This limited-time museum, named Pop-up Disney, runs from late April to October this year.

It transports visitors through a series of immersive, family-friendly galleries, honoring the one and only Mickey Mouse.
There are eight themed rooms in the museum, based on themes including Mickey and Minnie's Love, Mickey's Friendships, Mickey Around the World and Mickey at Disneyland.
Each imaginatively themed room is bursting with vibrant visual displays inspired by the most important character in Disney's rich history.
Fueling a thoroughly modern trend on art installations, these vivid, eye-grabbing designs double as settings for family photos and selfies for visitors.
Tim Molyneux, senior operations manager for Pop-up Disney, said the museum attracts about 1,500 guests from around the world every day.
TIM MOLYNEUX, Senior Operations Manager for Pop-up Disney
"It's called 'Pop-up Disney'. It's a celebration of 90 plus years of Mickey Mouse's history and his life, so 'Pop-up Disney' is an interactive museum, great for tour, one of the kind selfies, pictures and photos you can't find anywhere else on earth."
Molyneux added that the interactive museum is social media friendly, and ideal for camera shots, and said it has witnessed some memorable moments of visitors, such as birthday parties and wedding proposals.