Chinese embrace TCM "Sanfu" treatments

Added On July 14, 2019

In traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the hottest and dampest period of the year, known locally as "Sanfu," is considered a particularly suitable time for treating illnesses.

Special treatments called "Sanfutie", or "Sanfu plaster", have been used for thousands of years.
Tens of thousands of people in the central metropolis of Wuhan lined up at traditional Chinese medicine hospitals for treatment.
Busy doctors went around placing bandages of traditional Chinese medicine on acupuncture points on patients' bodies.
"A host of clinical evidence shows that it is effective to treat winter diseases during the period of Sanfu. As the treatment is medical in essence, it should be done at hospitals and institutions."
According to traditional Chinese medicine, diseases that occur during winter, such as chronic cough, asthma and arthritis, can be effectively treated in the summer.
And Sanfu is believed to be the best time to receive treatments against winter illnesses.
Sanfu treatments can take place over a long period of time, even up to 3 years.
"The treatment is not suitable for people with severe diseases related to the heart and blood, liver, kidney or malignant tumors. The treatment is also not suitable for people with skin diseases, however, such as skin wounds and festers."
Doctors warn that even though Sanfu treatments can have a curative effect, they are still not a cure-all or a proper substitute for regular therapy.