Shanxi bronze museum to open

Added On July 15, 2019

Shanxi bronzes reflect the cultural context of the Shang and Zhou Dynasties about 3,000 years ago and the evolution of Chinese ritual and music civilization.

The bronze casting technology was innovated and reformed constantly, reaching its peak in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty over 2,200 years ago, marking a milestone in the economic and social development of that era.
The exhibition area of the museum covers 11,000 square meters including space for basic displays, educational interactions, temporary exhibitions and etc.
NING LIXIN, Inspector, Shanxi Cultural Heritage Bureau:
"Shanxi Bronze Museum began to make basic preparations from last October, and  set up exhibition arrangement since the end of this April. Now, it's about to open soon. This is the first provincial level bronze museum in China." 
Ning said a number of bronze items were recovered through recent combats against cultural relics crimes.
NING LIXIN, Inspector, Shanxi Cultural Heritage Bureau:
"Over the past two years, Shanxi carried out special campaigns against cultural relics crimes. A large number of criminal gangs have been smashed and a large number of precious cultural relics have been recovered."