AIIB President: AIIB makes huge achievements

Added On July 17, 2019

AIIB President Jin Liqun said the bank has established a fundamental operating system and nurtures its own culture. It has also expanded the loaning scale and obtained the status of United Nations Permanent Observer.
Jin said that these achievements resulted from efforts of all AIIB members and cooperation with other institutions and private sectors.
"The membership of the AIIB has increased to 100, this reflects the international community's confidence in the bank. We have limited funds, so it's hard to solve all the problems overnight. But by working with other institutions and the private sector, we can at least do our best."
Jin noted that the AIIB holds the development principle of "quality first" instead of blindly pursuing unbridled growth.
He explained that the bank must take three factors into consideration when assessing investment projects: financial sustainability, ecological sustainability and whether the investment can improve living standard.
"We offer loans to our members in order to help them develop their economies, but not trap them into a debt crisis. China and other Asian countries have experience in infrastructure, and we attach great importance to the fact that the debt problem cannot arise."
The AIIB began operation in January 2016, with an agenda focused on supporting sustainable development through infrastructure and other productive sectors in Asia and beyond.
So far, the bank has approved 46 projects worth 8.5 billion U.S. dollars.