Senior VP: innovation "CORE" of Huawei's strategy

Added On July 17, 2019

In an interview with CNC, Victor Zhang, Huawei Senior Vice President said Huawei started research and development in 5G a decade ago, well ahead of many competitors.
Huawei has already won 50 5G contracts globally, with 2,570 patents for 5G, ranking the first in the industry.
VICTOR ZHANG, Huawei Senior Vice President
"As for Huawei, we started 5G research development 10 years ago, so we have already invested in 5G for more than 4 billion U.S. dollars.  We are the leader for the 5G, not just because of the products but also the core contents, like we have our own 5G chip set and software."
Despite the British government's pending decision, mobile network operators Vodafone and EE have switched on its 5G network in the UK, both using Huawei equipment. The operators have warned that excluding the Chinese firm would lead to a lengthy delay in the 5G roll-out and raise costs of 5G construction.
Zhang said Huawei agrees that 5G network infrastructure needs to have the highest standard for mitigating security risks and Huawei has been complying with all that.
VICTOR ZHANG, Huawei Senior Vice President
"If you are the number one leader you need to have your own technology to support the leading solutions for satisfying your customers and meeting their requirements."
Regarding the China-U.S. trade tension and its impact on Huawei, Zhang said thanks to the "dual source strategy" Huawei adopted 10 years ago, the company's 5G will not be affected.
VICTOR ZHANG, Huawei Senior Vice President
"This is not a purpose for responding to the American action, this is our business strategy, so 10 years ago we started to have what we call the 'business continuous management strategy', which means we needed to have dual source strategy for all the components. The purpose for this is to satisfy our customer requirements. So the customer needs Huawei non-stop supply solutions and technology. So we need to have this capability for the business continuing. So for the 5G, for our core solutions, there is no impact."
Zhang said for the United States, excluding Chinese tech companies like Huawei will be a "lose-lose solution". He believes in the era of globalization, the only win-win solution is cooperation. 
VICTOR ZHANG, Huawei Senior Vice President
"I think  any restriction or ban for selling to Huawei or to China is a lose-lose solution. Actually it has a very big impact on the American company. So it isn't in their interests from a commercial perspective."
Zhang added that Huawei welcomes better relations among countries.
VICTOR ZHANG, Huawei Senior Vice President
"We welcome all the cooperation between governments, and cooperation between companies for promoting the economic development rather than restrict business."