Stretches of Great Wall in NW China get in cards

Added On July 17, 2019

According to a recent announcement by the Gansu Provincial Cultural Heritage Administration, all 3,852 stretches of the Great Wall in the province now have a marker and record file.
Local Cultural Heritage Administration officials said the work started in 2011. Now, nearly 5,000 markers and over 54,000 posts have been set up and over 1,500 people have become "Great Wall guardians."
ZHANG BIN, Jiayuguan Silk Road Culture Research Institute
"This is one of the boundary posts of the Great Wall, which has the words 'The Great Wall' and a serial number. There is a boundary post every 50 meters alongside both sides of the Great Wall. You can access all the information of the stretch such as the size, the length, width and height, its current condition, videos, images and the blueprint by putting in the number in the resource survey system."
Three point six kilometers of the Great Wall winds through Gansu Province, taking up almost one-fifth of its total length.