A young uygur's boutique in old town

Added On July 19, 2019

Kashgar was an important trading hub along the ancient Silk Road. 

Over the years, it has been influenced by a mix of cultures. 
26-year-old Mewlan Turaq opened a boutique in 2018 that highlights Kashgar's splendid past.
Mewlan's boutique sells and rents both traditional costumes and modern, modified ones that feature his unique designs.
His shop makes customers feel like they have been transported back to ancient times.
NEWLAN TURAQ, Owner of the Boutique
"My major in college was medicine. But I am interested in designing folk costumes."
Mewlan first became interested in traditional ethnic cultures in Xinjiang when he was a child.
NEWLAN TURAQ, Owner of the Boutique
"Besides costume design and costume making, I also restore traditional jewelry with the help of local craftsmen. I value the culture, history and aesthetics behind it all."
Tourism is booming in Kashgar and Mewlan saw business potential.
NEWLAN TURAQ, owner of the boutique
"With the development of the tourism industry, tourists have been flooding into Kashgar. Some people are worried about outside cultures influencing locals and changing the town. I don't think so. Kashgar is a place where there have always been cultural exchanges. More tourism will give local traditional craftsmen more opportunities to display their work. That is why I came back to my hometown."