Tour of venezuela kicks off

Added On July 19, 2019

The Tour of Venezuela competition helps determine who makes it on to Venezuela's national cycling team. 

Those athletes will go on to participate in events like this year’s Pan American Games in Lima and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
ORLUIS AULAR, 2nd Place After First Stage
"This is the ultimate test that we have for the Pan American Games. It looks like we are in good shape and we hope to give our best in the Pan American Games and represent the Venezuelan national team and try to do as well as we can." 
The first stage is over and the race has only just begun!
XAVIER QUEVEDO, 1st Place After First Stage
"This race is just the beginning. We will also go for the biggest win of the year at the Tour of Venezuela. There is a 27 kilometer time trial. It's not my strength, but, well, I will give it my best and there are still stages and bonuses and this, as I said, is just the beginning." 
This is also the first time that the "Tour of Venezuela" has been held in the country's capital.