UNEA president hails China’s renewable energy use

Added On July 19, 2019

In an interview with CNC, UNEA President Ola Elvestuen said that nature-based solutions are an important way to combat climate change.


"We are in the climate crisis, and we have a crisis of nature. There's also crisis on pollution and marine littering, so we have to scale up and do much more in the years ahead and it's got to happen fast." The UNEA President added that there are a lot of positive things happening, including cheaper and competitive renewable energy. He praised China's renewable energy sector as "leading" and "impressive."



"China has very impressive results when it comes to renewable energy and developmental renewable energy, also in transportation. The number of electric cars set a company up to sales. The way that Chinese cities and taken into use electric buses. That is also quite impressive in an area where China's driving the development. So what China has done in promoting electric cars is really important. And it's something that that we need to see happen in many more countries." Forward thinking and supportive policies have made China one of the world's fastest-growing New Energy Vehicle (NEV) markets.


Elvestuen said he doesn't just "believe" that NEV's will replace traditional vehicles in the future, he is "certain of it."

Ola Elvestuen, UNEA President

"I'm certain that it's just a question of time, we will see that the cars in the future, they will go electric and they will all be zero emission."


The UN Environment Assembly is the world's highest-level decision-making body on issues regarding the environment. According to its official website, the UNEA enjoys the universal membership of all UN member states and full involvement of the organization's major groups and stakeholders.