Beiteddine art festival dazzles audiences

Added On July 20, 2019

The festival is expected to run until August 18 at the Beiteddine Palace, a historic masterpiece sitting majestically on a hill surrounded by terraced gardens and orchards.
Hundreds of Lebanese locals and foreign guests attended the first day of the festival.
They enjoyed exceptional performances by two very special Lebanese talents, the renowned composer Gabriel Yared and Young Arab singer Yasmina Jumblatt.
"Obviously, we have two great Lebanese talents that are hosting this event and we have the philharmonic orchestra of Lebanon along with musicians from the oriental orchestra as well. So it is a big event. We have Gabriel Yared, we do not need to tell who he is. He is world renowned for the Oscar that he got for his music and Yasmina Jumblatt whom he has discovered as a young talent and who is the niece of Asmahan, a great Arab singer." 
In years past, Beiteddine has captured the hearts of many with its beautiful natural sceneries, historic monuments and the festival.
The yearly festival gives people the chance to be amused by great talents from all over the world. 
Beiteddine Festivals' Chairperson Noura Jumblatt believes that artists are keen on taking part in a niche festival that offers them an experience which is different from other festivals in Lebanon. 
NOURA JUMBLATT, Chairperson of Beiteddine Festivals
"When first the festival was established, it was in the midst of the Lebanese war and it came as an act of faith in Lebanon’s role as a cultural crossroads for the region and so really I think it is the beautiful country, the beautiful place, the palace, its environment, it is the quality of the technical team that we have and it is also the Lebanese public which is a wonderful public."