"The Moon" Exhibition kicks off in London

Added On July 21, 2019

By showcasing more than 180 objects from around the world, the exhibition presents a cultural and scientific story of people's relationship with the moon over time and across civilizations. 
Through artifacts, artworks and interactive devices, the exhibition enables visitors to reconnect with the wonders of the Moon and discover how it has captivated and inspired humans.
The exhibition also shows the efforts of various countries, such as China, to explore the Moon.
DAVID ROONEY, Science Curator of The Moon  
"A really important message in the exhibition is that we've always had a very close relationship with the Moon, we've looked up at it, we've tried to understand its movements. And we've used the Moon in many ways to make life on Earth more easy to control agriculture to navigate, and in many ways as part of our faith systems, but there's a very important second message in the exhibition, which is that the moon landings weren't the end of our exploration of the moon."
The exhibition explores how humans have used, understood and observed the Moon from Earth. 
Visitors have the chance to relive the momentous events of the Space Race and the Moon landings, before discovering the motivations behind 21st century lunar missions.
The exhibition will last through January 5th, 2020.