Chinese doctors save lives in Tunisia

Added On August 11, 2019

Chinese doctors at this remote public hospital often have to work over 80 hours a week, due to poor medical technology and a shortage of professional medical staff.

 XIAO AILAN, Obstetrician:
"Whenever I deliver a baby, when I hear his first loud cry, I feel a sense of accomplishment and feel full of joy, just as if my own child was born."
In addition to delivering babies, treating illnesses and saving people's lives, Chinese doctors share their experiences and expertise with local medical staff, to improve their skills and benefit the community. 
Tunisian patients often go to great lengths to show their appreciation. Chinese doctor Yu Lamei got a very special gift after helping one Tunisian woman give birth to twins.
 YU LAMEI, Obstetrician:
"She is very grateful to me for saving her family, so she wants to name her new born daughter 'Lamia' because it sounds like my name 'Lamei.' She also hopes that her daughter will become a doctor in the future."
China has sent 23 medical teams and some 1,000 medical personnel to various parts of Tunisia since 1973. Chinese medical personnel have provided over 5.72 million outpatient services and implemented 320,000 operations in the North African country. 
BU QINGMING, Captain of China's 23rd medical aid team to Tunisia:   
"The most exciting and glorious thing for us is that we wear China's five-star red flag on our chests and have the opportunity to contribute to the development of our country."