Hong Kong people show support for police

Added On August 12, 2019

The scene stood in stark contrast to the chaotic and violent besieges of police stations by black-clad protesters on many nights over the past weeks.
A resident said the police have been working hard to safeguard social order.
"Today we come to the Central Police Station to show our support for the Hong Kong police. We hope they will continue to safeguard the rule of law and order."
"We should give them more encouragement because they worked very hard. The worst part is that their families have to face online assault. None of these are like the Hong Kong society. Hong Kong is a society under the rule of law and should not be assaulted by rioters."
Over the past two months, the Hong Kong police have been praised for showing professionalism and exercising restraint with the use of appropriate force to cope with violent protests.
While battling to contain violence on the street, Hong Kong police officers had to face online assault, enduring all sorts of ridicule, humiliation and even threats.