Two panda cubs born in Belgian zoo

Added On August 12, 2019

The births of the two new cubs came as no great surprise. 
Their mother Hao Hao was successfully inseminated last April by male companion Xing Hui.
However, reproduction cycles for female pandas is long and, often, highly unpredictable.
The twins are the 2nd and 3rd panda cubs ever born at the Belgian zoo.
They present new hope for preserving the species, which is still classified as vulnerable by the International Union for Conservation Nature.
CAO ZHONGMING, Chinese Ambassador to Belgium:
"The birth of the two giant pandas is a result of the Sino-Belgian friendship, and symbolizes blossoming relations between our two countries. Thanks to joint efforts from both sides, I am convinced that our Sino-Belgian friendship and cooperation will continue to grow, bringing more tangible benefits to the people of China and Belgium."
The zoo's president and founder Eric Domb said the births of the two new baby cubs was wonderful news for an extraordinary species.
ERIC DOMB, Founder and CEO of the Zoo:
"Yesterday was such a wonderful day that we’ve had two more babies, which is a fantastic way to maintain friendship and cooperation. So we have a very long-lasting friendship."