Turkish journalist recounts XinJiang visit

Added On August 13, 2019

Tunc Akkoc, general manager of Turkey's Aydinlik Daily, visited western China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region for the first time last month. 
Akkoc's nine-day tour along with journalists from around the world took them to a number of places in Xinjiang.
He said no matter where he went, he saw people going about their daily lives just like anywhere else in the world.
"What I saw in Xinjiang is just the opposite of what Western media outlets have been trying to portray. Uygur music was played out on the streets and the Uygur language was spoken everywhere. Traditional musical instruments just out on the streets."
Akkoc also relished the opportunity to be able to visit two education and training centers in Hotan and Aksu. He told our correspondent that as opposed to the groundless human right allegations Western media has made against these facilities, Uygur trainees were all quite well cared for, and he "didn't see any pressure" while he was there.
"These training centers are all equipped with quite modernized facilities. People in there learn all kinds of stuff, like law and science. Vocational skills are also taught, which has helped reduced local unemployment rates greatly."
"People in Xinjiang are peaceful. There is no disturbance or chaos in public."
"The central government of China is now focused on Xinjiang. The region is currently going through massive transformation."