Foreign residents involved in Shanghai's garbage sorting efforts

Added On August 13, 2019

Coming from Romania, Adriana Fugulin now lives in a residential district near the Hongqiao International Airport in China's metropolitan city Shanghai.

She has been a volunteer for her neighborhood for one year, explaining to foreign residents nearby the rules on behalf of garbage sorting instructors.

ADRIANA FUGULIN, Foreign Resident in Shanghai

"We had a program like that because people here they need to be taught about this way of classifying the waste and the importance of having a better environment for us and for our children."

Besides awareness-raising efforts, instructors and volunteers work around dustbins to help sort garbage into the four categories -- dry refuse, wet trash, recyclable waste and hazardous waste.

"We stay here, the collection area, waiting for the people coming to throw away their trash and then just to explain to them that this trash has to be classified in this way. I think they understand pretty well. But we need more consistency and more often activities of training the people."