Australian students awarded for Mandarin study

Added On August 13, 2019

The Australia China Friendship Society ACT Branch initiated the awards in 1991 in a bid to encourage local students to learn Mandarin. 
Yang Zhi, minister-counselor for culture at the Chinese Embassy in Australia, conferred the awards on the students.
"Due to the fast development of China, more schools now have Mandarin courses and more students are learning Chinese because they have to know more about China." 
A year-seven student Stephanie Campbell was among the 24 students who received awards on Sunday. 
Her father said that speaking Mandarin would be very important for her further studies and potentially doing trade with China.
ANGUS CAMPBELL, Father of an Award-Winning Student:
"She is learning quickly and very proficient. Another three or four years of learning Chinese should be a lot better."
CAROL KEIL, President of the Australia China Friendship Society ACT Branch:
"China is a very important trading and business partner with Australia, and we also have very big student exchanges. The more people we can have learn Mandarin, the more would go to China, work in China and study in Chinese institutions and bring back knowledge."
Mandarin is now the second most spoken language in Canberra. 
Last year the awards were given to 20 students from 10 schools. And next year hopefully 17 schools will be covered by the awards.