Chinese woodblock printing exhibition in London

Added On August 15, 2019

The four-section exhibition, titled "Ten Bamboo Studio Woodblock Printing Art Exhibition," follows the history of ancient Chinese woodblock printing and its development in the West.   
The 200 artworks on display were created collaboratively by a team of Chinese artists.
It's the first time many of the pieces are being shown to the British public.
The exhibition includes an interactive experience area, where audience members can witness the unique charm of Chinese traditional woodblock printing by watching on-site demonstrations and by making their own woodblock prints.
"I love calligraphy, I think it’s beautiful. I can't do it. I have tried and it's a mess. I am just fascinated by the whole history. I did seven thousand Chinese history with my degree course and found the whole culture fascinating."
Yu Peng, minister counsellor of the Cultural Office of the Chinese Embassy in Britain, said modern printing methods are the result of mutual learning between the East and West.
The exhibition was co-organized by the Ancient Books Preservation and Conservation Association of China, the Prince's Foundation School of Traditional Arts and China's Hangzhou Ten Bamboo Studio Art Museum.
It is a China National Arts Fund program and ends on Aug. 19.
Woodblock printing was listed as an intangible cultural heritage of China in 2014.