Duoyun academy bookstore in Shanghai

Added On August 15, 2019

Duoyun Academy bookstore is located on the 52nd floor of Shanghai Tower, 239 meters above the ground.
It opened to the public on Monday.
The store covers 2,200 square meters and has more than 60,000 books.
It's gentle archway, huge selection of books and fun reading parties have made it a hit with international tourists and locals alike. 
CHEN YU, Operation Director of Shanghai Century Douyun Cultural Development Limited Company:
"We are sister bookshops with London Review Bookshop in the UK, each of which has its own representative books. London Review Bookshop Zone in our bookstore is also a selection of books from London Review Bookstore. Meanwhile, we also keep it up to date."  
Besides providing high-quality books, Duoyun Academy also think highly of providing comfortable reading experience for readers.