US stocks close sharply lower

Added On August 16, 2019

The Dow plunged 800.49 points to 25,479.42, marking the largest daily decline of the year so far.
The S&P 500 decreased 2.93 percent to 2,840.60.
The Nasdaq Composite Index fell 242.42 points, or 3.02 percent.
All of the 11 primary S&P 500 sectors traded lower around market closing, with the energy sector down nearly 4 percent.
The yield of the U.S. 10-year treasury note broke below the yield of the 2-year bill at some point, marking the first time in 12 years.
The spread formed a so-called inverted yield curve. It is widely acknowledged that recessions normally arrive within 18 to 24 months following the inverted yield curves.