Zoo Berlin getting ready to welcome new panda cubs

Added On August 16, 2019

Six-year-old Meng Meng and her panda partner Jiao Qing moved to Zoo Berlin from China in 2017. Meng Meng was artificially inseminated after the pair mated in April this year.
It was announced at a press conference on Wednesday that Meng Meng's behavior had recently changed and that she could be pregnant. Ultrasound and hormone tests have revealed that Meng Meng could give birth in just a few weeks' time.
Germany's Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research is conducting regular examinations on Meng Meng to ensure her health. The head of the institute's reproduction management department said Meng Meng had ovulated, her uterus had grown, and a small bulge was visible that could be one or two embryos.
Moreover, Meng Meng's recent lethargy, lack of appetite and reduced interest in people all pointed to her being pregnant.
Zookeepers are now preparing for Meng Meng to give birth inside her Panda House at Zoo Berlin. Two experts from China will fly to Germany's capital this week to lend their support.