New scientific findings of South China Sea research revealed

Added On August 17, 2019

Chinese scientists say they have made new discoveries after years of deep-sea research in the South China Sea.
Wang Pinxian from the Chinese Academy of Sciences has been leading this program...exploring China's South China Sea.
He said Chinese scientists made progress over two major Earth science subjects: climate revolution and the cause of ocean basins' formation.
He said they came to the findings by studying the history of the South China Sea.
"First of all, about how the South China Sea was formed, we now have new knowledge. We used to use the Western model of the Atlantic Ocean to explain that, but now we have found that the western Pacific Ocean was not formed that way. We have put forward a new model. Likewise, in the past, we only knew that the Arctic ice sheet, located north of the northern Atlantic Ocean, determines climate revolution, but now we have found that climate revolution in tropical regions has its own nature."
Launched in 2011, hundreds of scientists have joined the program, supported by China’s advanced manned deep-sea research submersibles.
"For the next step, we want to invite more countries to join and make it a China-led international program to study even more abstruse subjects."