China funds water project in Gaza

Added On August 22, 2019

The project was co-funded by a Palestinian charity and China, and it is scheduled to begin operation within the next five months.
The water produced will be provided free of charge.
MAAMOUN ABU SHAHLA, Chairman of Give Palestine Association:
"About 10,000 people, the majority of whom are unemployed and suffer from economic crisis, will benefit from the project. We will produce clean and healthy water according to the international standard."
The chairman of the charity said China always helps and supports the Palestinian people, and that the funded projects aim at sustainable development, which serves the people who live under hard living conditions in the Gaza Strip.
He added that the Palestinian people need China's continued support to build institutions and infrastructure for development.
A UN report warned that the Gaza Strip is facing a worsening water crisis that could render it unsuitable for living within a few years if the aid projects are not implemented.