Colombian boy competes in Int'l Kung Fu competition

Added On August 22, 2019

Armilali Pinzon may look small, but as one of Colombia’s most accomplished young martial artists, he aims high at the upcoming International Chinese Traditional Martial Arts Championship on August 24 in New York.
MAURICIO PINZON, Armilali's Father: 
"In Colombia, he is the national champion in Wushu and Traditional Martial Arts and now this event that we are going to participate in is highly important because it is the most important international event in traditional Chinese martial arts at the U.S. level."
Talking about the benefits of practicing Chinese martial arts , he said.
Armilali Pinzon, Martial Artist: 
"I tell them to do it because this helps their health, makes them stronger spiritually and physically.”
The young athlete is currently raising funds for his trip to the U.S., where he hopes to show the world what he’s really made of.