UK to boycott most EU meetings from Sept. 1.

Added On August 22, 2019

The latest Brexit development came on Tuesday as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces fresh warnings against allowing a hard border between Britain's Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.
According to the announcement, British ministers will only attend big EU summits and those involving essential British interests like security. The rest will be ignored, sending a clear message that Britain is serious about leaving the EU at the end of October.
The boycott will reportedly free up time for British politicians to prepare for the departure on Oct. 31.
Johnson sent a letter to Brussels on Monday asking EU lawmakers to remove a controversial backstop agreement from the Brexit deal, saying it was "anti-democratic and inconsistent with the sovereignty of the UK."
President of the European Council Donald Tusk rejected the request, however, saying, without an alternative, the backstop was necessary to prevent the re-establishment of an Irish border.