China trains Ugandan workers to fast track development

Added On August 23, 2019

Ugandan employees from different Chinese-run companies competed in four categories: welding, carpentry, electrical and bundling.
Chinese enterprises are training an increasing number of young Ugandan workers in order to boost economic growth.
ZHENG ZHUQIANG, Chinese Ambassador to Uganda:
"Talents are vital for industrial developments. China has been and will continue to jointly promote industrial development of Uganda."
Besides the formal technical trainings, Chinese enterprises, especially those engaged in infrastructure development, are training thousands of youths through professional program.
According to experts, Uganda will need a lot more skilled personnel when the country starts commercially producing oil in 2023.
A 30-million-U.S. dollar Industrial Skills Training and Production Center was launched in January last year.
Aided by China, the center aims to improve skilled manpower and technology in Uganda in order to fast track the country's industrialization process.