Brazilian expert explores Brazil-China trade, cultural links

Added On August 23, 2019

Historian and art critic Julio Bandeira has recently published a book entitled "Brazil en Route to China," a study on China's influence on Brazilian art and culture over centuries.
"This book emerged when I was doing my thesis in the UK, which was a search through images to try to find again, through customs, the appearance of Brazilians."
Chinese immigration to Brazil began in 1812, when King John VI of Portugal brought about 400 Chinese experts from Macao to introduce tea cultivation to the country.
Additionally, strong trade with China saw an influx of many new and high-value goods into Brazil.
"In architecture, pagodas, workmanship, clothes, silks, porcelain. The use of Chinese porcelain in Brazil was enormous. There was a great trade directly from China here that did not go through the Portuguese monopoly."
Today, geographical distances are no longer barriers, thanks to the intensification of trade relations and cultural exchanges between China and Brazil.